You all remember when we had a flurry of DEATHLESS vinyl talk? I said I would take a look at  that record, so I am going to go ahead and do that. It took a while as I needed some stuff to get photos and what not, you understand I am sure. Let’s see what we have here.

Now, I will be looking at the album packaging and stuff like that. If you are looking for a review of this excellent release let me point you to one. One of my partners in crime on the podcast reviews all kinds of stuff, here is his review of DEATHLESS. Go read it, I will wait.

Now that you know all about the musical content, how about a look at the actual packaging. If you have ever gotten anything from Specific Records you know they always put out a quality product, I am sure some of you out there own the version of NEMESIS they put out, or the BiS Kaidan releases. They are all top notch. This is no different.

First the jacket is very sturdy. If you own records I am sure you have seen your share of weak and flimsy jackets. The layout and artwork are pleasing to the eye. As a matter of fact the art was commissioned out to artist Pierre Weird. I was able to ask him a couple questions about the artwork on the album.

Me: What was the influence for the memorial photo on the cover?

Pierre: I discovered this type of funeral portrait a few years ago during one of my stay in Japan and I immediately thought I had to do an illustration about it, but I never found a good opportunity to do so. When Specific asked me to work on an artwork for Necroma, with their imagery, universe and the album name, everything just felt right!

Me: Is there a relation to the ouija board on the back and the memorial photo and is there a story or hidden meaning to the artwork?

Pierre: I love to create artworks that tell stories, so yes, the Ouija-board on the back cover connects directly to the dead girl on the main illustration. That being said, I also like my work to remain mysterious and open enough so the viewers can make their own interpretations of it.

The actual disks are also pretty sturdy. I have handled a good number of records in my day and these will hold up to a bit of rough handling. They seem to be a bit heavier than a standard issue record, especially the “Sari” green version. Not 180 gram heavy mind you, but a bit heavy none the less. When you put the stylus in the groove the sound quality is excellent too. A really superb job all around on this release.

Lastly I guess we will look at the super limited ouija board, I was quick enough to pick one up, lucky me. It is in no way a flimsy piece of wood, I am sure you could actually use it, if you were trying to reach ghosts that spoke Japanese that is. The planchet slides pretty well for an unpolished wooden board, I did a couple test slides. A fine piece of craftsmanship and a great addition to any NECRONOMIDOL collection.

Don’t forget, the remaining records will go on sale January 5th, 2018. Be ready to snap up either your “Sari” green or “Risaki” black version. Here are the details on the release if you need them: DEATHLESS from Specific.

Direct link to order:

Official Socials


Specific Recordings

Pierre Weird


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