Re Alice: Another Quick Look

I talked about Re Alice when they first started out back in July 2017. I was pretty excited when they were originally announced. Well, it has been a while and things have changed. What are they doing now?

Well, they are rebooting it seems and looks like a full member shuffle. I believe they will still have the Gothic metal/steampunk sound, possibly ever verging into metal core, they will certainly have the look. Just to refresh, if you like, here is the previous story.  Let’s see what is new.

Members, that is the first thing you will notice, they are all different. There are only three now, and one might be a familiar face.

First we have Richu [Twitter]

Next we have Yuffie [Twitter] I am sure you all know her from GARUDA

Last we have Churu  [Twitter]

Other than the only thing I know is that they will be releasing a mini album in April. Looking forward to hearing something more. I am really a big fan of Yuffie so I hope this all works out well.

If you want to keep tabs on their progress, unfortunately there is still no official website, they do have this Twitter though: @infoReAlice

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