Broken By The Scream- 恋は乙女の泣きどころ(MV)

…………. hmmm, what?   …………

Oh, sorry. I was just sort of speechless over the video I just experienced. After just over a year Broken By The Scream has let us behold all of their glory. I really can’t put into words what was transpired, but I will give it a shot.

Hmm. Start with what I would pretty much call a high speed death metal intro with high and low harsh vocals, then boom switch to something more akin to a thrash metal clean vocal part. Crush it all together in a glorious mixture and let it unfold. Was this video worth over a year of waiting? In a word, yes.


Broken By The Scream – 恋は乙女の泣きどころ

I think this will be part of an upcoming single since I could not find the track on their current release, SCREAMING RHAPSODY.

Official Website:

Do you need the latest release? Let me help you out then.


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