One Year Behind Us, What Is Next?

Well it is January 17th and we made it through a year. Seems like I have been doing this longer than that. In reality I have, only the website is celebrating its one year anniversary since our first post, I have been at it a bit longer…….

I don’t really recall what got me into Japanese music. Was it Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, BABYMETAL, some random J-metal or VK band? Who knows, it has been quite the ride so far. Let us have a bit of history leading up to my jumping into the “alt” idol scene with both feet.

The first band that really got my attention was BAND-MAID. I mean I was in it deep. Joined an unofficial fan club (BAND-MAID Fans Café) moved up to admin, finally I met them at their first international show in Seattle. Anyway, before I get lost in nostalgia I will just say I was super heavy into the female J-metal scene. Aldious, Mary’s Blood, G∀LMET, the usual suspects. Then one day it happened….

YouTube suggested a video, I can not remember if it was Guso Drop or NECRONOMIDOL but I just watched in amazement. I knew about idols, but I thought they were all just cute and in these big AKB48 style groups. I had no idea about the wonderful world of “alt” and underground idols. I was hooked.

The Straight From Japan Facebook community was started back on April 25th 2015, and it puttered along doing the old birthday announcements, release announcements, standard stuff. When I found “alt” idol it all started to change. Less metal, more idol, you know, the way things slowly change from one to the other. By this time I had found Homicidols, some time around June 2016 I think. One day I just decided to only report on idol, and that was that. I have been at it ever since.

Joined a Facebook group dedicated to the more alt and underground idols, met Terry there and then it was really off to the races, I really started to get into idol. After a while I was introduced to Garry and for some reason the idea for a podcast came up. Sometime in there our current Facebook group got started. Now look where we are.

Enough with the boring history stuff, I feel like I am just rambling.

So far there have been a total of 404 separate stories posted and the site has been viewed 36,354 times by 16,255 unique individuals. Not bad for this amateur operation. And it all started with this post.

Second single to be released by The Idol Formerly Known As Ladybaby

In the past year we have seen many idols come and go, individuals and groups. Massive amounts of releases, and a lot of just interesting things happened in the world of idol, and I feel privileged to be able to report on it. I have made some really good friends, met some idols and other great folks. I also feel good that so many come back time and again to read my poorly written stories.

Now we have the podcast, YouTube channel and the Alt Idol Facebook group, all of which just keeps growing. That is also thanks to you folks. And it isn’t just fans that come here or listen to the podcast. Ricky, producer for NECRONOMIDOL listens to the podcast. Yuffie from GARUDA and Re Alice reads this a website and long with some others. And you might not know this but there are some idols that are members of the Facebook group, exciting stuff.

This year I am hoping to do a lot more. There are several things in the works, more interviews with idols, new YouTube content and some other exciting stuff coming. I am also hoping to get over to Japan in November, London in June, and down to LA again in August. It is going to be a busy and exciting year.

Thank you all so much, I would have no reason to do this without you.

……stay tuned.

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