EMPiRE Announce First Album And More

It was only a matter of time before EMPiRE announced their first release. I assumed it would be a single with their three existing songs on it. Looks like I was wrong this time. How about a look at the little information we have so far.

Release date: April 11th, 2018
Price: Limited: ¥4800 + tax, standard: ¥1500 + tax

It will come in three versions

First press box set (cassette + DVD + Photo book)
Limited Release (cassette + DVD + Photo book)
Standard release (cassette only)

Track list

  • EMPiRE is COMiNG
  • アカルイミライ
  • 8 other tracks to be announced


  • Contents to be announced later

50 page photo book

It does look like the only way to get this will be on cassette, at least at the moment. It will come with a download code though.

It was also announced that they will be opening for BiSH on the pUBlic imAGE LiMiTEd TOUR starting January 30th adn that they will be doing their first one-man live on May 1st.

Looks like EMPiRE will be busy for a bit. I figure we will probably get at least on MV from them before the cassette release in April.

Official Website: http://empire-official.com/

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