That Is New To Me: XTEEN

We all get excited when we find new groups. I will be the first to admit it is one of my great thrills when scrolling through Twitter to find one. I have found another today, and we will take a quick look at them. And this one is about as new as you can get.

This is XTEEN [pronounced Christine], a new idol unit that will actually begin on February 5th. It is made up of five girls, and the groups name is based on the fact that 4 out of 5 members are the same age, 19 years old as well as the influence of Steven King’s horror novel “Christine”.

They are described as a horror inspired punk/metal core idol group. Now that sounds like an idol version of the Misfits, which is of course awesome. They are holding their debut on February 25th and plan to for a first release in April. Yeah, I am a bit thin on content this time.

Shall we see the girls?

姫草のあ [Twitter]

六苑あんず [Twitter]

東雲一加 [Twitter]

神功 ロイ [Twitter]

桐島なるみ [Twitter]

Not too much info on the girls yet. I am sure if you dig around in their Twitter accounts you could find out something.

Official Website:

Group Twitter: @xteen_official

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