BiS – WHOLE LOTTA LOVE (MV) – also with my ranting

Well, here we are with a quick glimpse at the future of BiS. I have seen folks saying a couple of things about this and I have a couple of opinions as well. I am going to share those with you after the break, plus you can watch the new video.

First off people keep saying Pour Lui leaving will be the end of BiS. You will notice that Pour Lui and Saki are not in this video and the group is not dead which means those people are wrong. Members leaving groups is all part of idol, I am fine with that. If this is something that is super bothersome to you perhaps this is not your type of fandom. On the podcast it is almost a topic of its own where we talk about members leaving groups, but I digress.

Pour Lui leaving is a thing that was going to happen at some point, and now that it has look at the other girls putting all they have got into it. You can be bitter if you want and that is fine, but you do have to admit that it has pretty much been the Pour Lui show since the reforming of the group (reminds me of the group dynamic that a certain Osaka idol follows….). She is gone now, well almost so put on your big boy pants and get over it.

Another thing I was hoping for but didn’t happen was Kika stopping with the clown makeup. It gets a bit cringy at times, and this video is one of those times. Stop hiding your face because there is nothing wrong with it.

On to the video. I know finally ….. right

Now, listen to all of them shine. You already knew about this song if you listened to the previews on their Soundcloud. Even GO-ZEELA is coming with the power. I have been a fan of her for a while and think she just got shoved to the back in favor of others, but dang it, she can sing too.

One last thing, that effect that looks like video artifacts, that can go. It looks horrible and I feel like I am watching the video over a horrid DSL connection.

Official Website:

Get that CD because it is the last time Pour Lui will be recorded….. maybe



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