Billie Idle Announce Upcoming Single

We knew to expect something from Billie Idle today, we just didn’t know what. So we had to wait around for the announcement, as usual.

Well, it was for a new single.  First Summer Uika wrote the lyrics and Kevin Marks composed the music. Production was handled by Junnosuke Watanabe and NIGO. We also have the jacket art.


Release: March 21, 2018
Price: ¥1080 (tax in)

Track list:

  1. P.S.R.I.P.
  2. エンドロール
  4. エンドロール(INSTRUMENTAL)

Yes, the art is by the same person that did bi bi bi bi bi

They have also announced a tour to go along with the release, so I assume the single will release around that time.

April 22nd at 大阪府 LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE
April 28th at 愛知県 HeartLand ※SOLD OUT
May 12th at 東京都 UNIT

Official Website:

Want to order it?  Here you go.

Billie Idle – P.S.R.I.P.

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