WACK Joint Audition 2018

Well, here we go again, another WACK Audition. In what seems to be becoming a yearly event we shall see what sort of hi-jinx WACK has in store for this years hopefuls. Last night Watanabe announced the dates for the audition, shall we see what was said?

First his announcement was pretty basic.

Telling us the auditions would take place from March 12th and end with another “WACK EXHiBiTiON” on March 18th. So it looks like the standard format that has been set forth in previous joint auditions.

In a natalie.jp story it has been said the some of the participants from existing groups would be: Aina The End (BiSH), Peri-UBU (BiS), Panluna (BiS), and Maika (GANG PARADE). Should we expect some sort of team event similar to last year? No idea really, it is a WACK event so it could be anything. I do expect a lot of running and hot sauce though. Also, dancing and singing of course. I mean we have to see if our applicants can do the job.

The end of the natalie story states that successful applicants would be placed into BiSH, BiS, GANG PARADE, EMPiRE or start activities in another form. I assume this means the creation of another group is possible.

The audition will be broadcast on niconico live for its entirety. Will I be recording this year? Probably. Will we have a live discussion during the opening singing rounds at the beginning on our Alt Idol Discord? I assume yes.

Broadcast link: niconico Live

See you there.

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