WACK Audition – Day One Recap

Here we go, the first of many recaps of the WACK Joint Auditions 2018. Probably not going to go to much in depth as I am not able to watch all of the footage, you know, real life and sleeping and all that. Wonder what happened on the first day.

Of course the first day started off with all the girls gathered up, introducing themselves and getting on a bus. Here they are in all of there glory.

After which we took part in he bus ride to lunch. On the way the some of the girls got to talk a bit to the audience.

Everyone ate lunch and we came to find out that everyone got death sauce in their rice. For those who are new to the WACK auditions, one thing that has always been a constant is the addition of hot sauce to every meal. Sometimes everyone gets it, sometimes just a few select girls get it. There is only one rule though, you have to eat all of your food. If not you get docked points which will effect your standing.

Then Watanabe gave a list of rules, but my Japanese is do bad that I didn’t really catch most of it. All I really got was the part about the tails, which I think is the silliest part. get another gilrs tail get a point, lose yours and lose a point. Anyway after that they were broken into four groups and sent off to practice the BiSH song Hoshi Ga.

Here are the teams:

1st group

  • Ayuna C
  • Gan Gina Leafy
  • Yokoyama Hina
  • Giga Front Frontale
  • Tantanko
  • Hashitasume Samuko

2nd group

  • Momokogumi inc
  • RisoRiso
  • Sha Kira
  • Choushouji Megumi
  • Yumino Yua
  • Hirano Nozomu

3rd group

  • Yaya Eightprince
  • Yui Ga Jackson
  • Michihayashi Rio
  • Maina The End
  • 4th Sumer Uika
  • Nagayama Yukiko

4th group

  • Gamiya Saki
  • Cent Chihiro Tette
  • Orangeko Vampire
  • Bug Mii
  • Mimiland
  • Wakiksa Yurika

Later each of these groups will be given a teacher and inspirational leader from one of the existing WACK groups. This year they are Pan-Luna and Peri-UBU from BiS, Momoko Gumi from BiSH and Maika from GANG PARADE. They will all appear in day two from what I gather.

The girls all did practice while Watanabe did personal interviews where we all got to get a sample of their singing skill.

Then dinner and voting by the viewers…. some calculations, then announcement of the first eliminations:

  • Giga Front Frontale
  • Hashiyasume Samuko
  • Yui Ga Jackson

Some of the girls went back to practicing and then they were sent off to bed.

Get ready for day two.

Watch live with niconico Premium


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