WACK Auditions – Day Two Recap

We lost three hopefuls yesterday and we will lose more today. WACK Audition veterans know how this all plays out: Wake up, run, eat, practice, eat wash rinse repeat. The real fun is the little things that get tossed into the mix. What happened on day two?

The second day started with wake up time at 5am and about an hour to get ready and interact with viewers, then out for a quick jog, you know, to build up the appetite. The three eliminations from the first day decided to participate in the morning run, this caused a bit of confusion for some westerners since they had been eliminated.

You received points for your place in the 1.5k morning run, here are what the rankings were (names in Japanese because I am a bit lazy) Here is a key for you to use:

  1. アユナ・C
  2. ヒラノノゾム
  3. チョウショージメグミ
  4. シャ・キーラ
  5. ミチハヤシリオ
  6. マイナ・ジ・エンド
  7. セントチヒロ・テッテ
  8. バグ・ミィ
  9. ユミノユア
  10. リソリソ
  11. ハシヤスメ・サムコ
  12. モモコグミinc
  13. フォースサマーウイカ
  14. ヨコヤマヒナ
  15. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス
  16. ナガヤマユキコ
  17. タンタンコ
  18. ガン・ギマリーフィ
  19. ギガ・フロント・フロンタール
  20. ユイ・ガ・ジャクソン
  21. ガミヤサキ
  22. オレンジコバンパイア
  23. みみらんど
  24. ワキカサユリカ

After that off to breakfast, 5 of which had the old death sauce…..

Then off to dance/song practice until lunch.

At lunch the established WACK girls were introduced.

Everyone ate then off to the practice area again and the teams were redone with the four WACK girls as captains and songs were assigned. It was also stated that the WACK member who came in last in their own contest would have their stage name changed.

Momoko Gumi Co. [song: Orchestra]

  • Gamiya Saki
  • Michihayashi Rio
  • Yaya Eightprince
  • Orangeko Vampire
  • Yokoyama Hina
  • Nagayama Yukiko

PanLuna [song: BiSBiS]

  • Hirano Nozomu
  • Tantanko
  • Cento Chihiro Tette
  • Mimiland
  • Bug Mii

Peri-UBU [song: BiSBiS]

  • Momokogumi Inc
  • Shakira
  • Wakakisa Yurika
  • Fourth Summer Uika
  • Choushouji Megumi
  • Yumino Yua

Maika [song: Plastic 2 Mercy]

  • Ayuna C
  • Maina The End
  • RisoRiso
  • Gan Gima Leafy

Some hours of practice and a show of what the y had learned so far.

Then off to dinner where there was of course some death sauce. Along with some of the hopefuls Peri-UBU and MomokoGumi Co. got it in their meal.

After dinner was one of the good old knowledge test which covered such things as item from foreign academy tests to Junnosuke Watanabe’s birthday. Results will be announced on day three.

After the each hopeful was given one minute to appeal to the niconico viewers and viewer voting went for five minutes (included voting for WACK members standings).

  1. Momoko Gumi Company (39.2%)
  2. Maika (25.3%)
  3. Pan Luna (19.2%)
  4. Peri-UBU (16.1%)

The audition hopefuls lined up like this in audience voting

  1. ガミヤサキ
  2. アユナ・C
  3. リソリソ
  4. ナガヤマユキコ
  5. ヒラノノゾム
  6. ヨコヤマヒナ
  7. オレンジコバンパイア
  8. マイナ・ジ・エンド
  9. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス
  10. ミチハヤシリオ
  11. タンタンコ
  12. みみらんど
  13. シャ・キーラ
  14. ユミノユア
  15. モモコグミinc
  16. フォースサマーウイカ
  17. バグ・ミィ
  18. セントチヒロ・テッテ
  19. ガン・ギマリーフィ
  20. チョウショージメグミ
  21. ワキカサユリ

Then daily points and observations by Watanabe were applied and the bottom four were.

  • ワキカサユリカ [Wakikasa Yurika]
  • タンタンコ [Tan Tanko]
  • フォースサマーウイカ [Fourth Summer Uika]
  • シャ・キーラ [Sha Kira]

They were told that at 5am the four of them would play the game of Life and the one with the most money at the end would get to stay.

Tan Tanko decided not to participate in the game and is out.

Fourth Summer Uika won so she was able to remain.

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