WACK Auditions – Day Four Recap

After all the eliminations yesterday the feild of hopefuls is much smaller. Since a second chance was given to the eliminated girls during the morning run they may appear in photos but none of them made it.

Here are the standings from the morning run.

  1. パン・ルナリーフィ [Panluna Leafy]
  2. アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  3. ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]
  4. モモコグミカンパニー[Momoko Gumi Co.]
  5. ペリ・ウブ [Peri-UBU]
  6. キャン・マイカ [Can Maika]
  7. ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  8. モモコグミinc [Momoko Gumi inc]
  9. セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  10. リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  11. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  12. マイナ・ジ・エンド [Maina The End]
  13. チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]
  14. ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  15. ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  16. オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  17. みみらんど [Mimiland]

After the run they girls were sent off to the next challenge, a cooking competition. They headed off to the store to buy items to make a fish dish with a “cute jungle” theme.

Watanabe judged the dishes and the teams ended up ranked like this.

  1. Momoko Gumi Co. team
  2. Panluna Leafy team
  3. Peri-UBU team
  4. Can Maika team

After that it was off to dance practice where the teams were changed again.

Momoko Gumi Co./Can Maika team [song: Plastc 2 Mercy]

  • ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  • オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  • ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]
  • リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  • みみらんど [Mimiland]

Peri-UBU/Panluna Leafy team [song: BiSBiS]

  • アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  • ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  • ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  • セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  • チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]
  • ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]

There was several hours for practice and from the look of it Momoko Gumi Co. did not already know the dance for Plastic 2 Mercy so Maika was not only leading the girls but Her as well.

At 6pm the competition was held and in an odd turn of fate Watanabe said that both teams did good and I do not believe an actual judgement was handed down. He jusst said keep up the good work and we will see how it is tomorrow.

Then off to dinner which included abalone….. yum.

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In a bid to regain some points Maika requested death sauce on her meal and managed to finish it all.

After dinner Watanabe held personal interviews and then it was time for viewer voting.

Voting tallied up like this.

WACK members

  1. Can Maika (34.5%)
  2. Momoko Gumi Co. (28.2%)
  3. Panluna Leafy (19.5%)
  4. Peri-UBU (17.7%)

Hopefuls ranking after votes was this.

  1. アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  2. ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  3. ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  4. ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]
  5. リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  6. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  7. ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  8. みみらんど [Mimiland]
  9. オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  10. セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  11. チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]

Based on voting and other things Watanabe announced that the two girls selected for removal were:

  • チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]
  • ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]

One would be able to stay by winning the challenge the next morning…… Whoever would last the longest doing squats to “paprika”.

In the end ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu] was eliminated.

On to day five.

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One thought on “WACK Auditions – Day Four Recap

  1. I love reading your recaps to see the bits I missed while sleeping!
    I missed the part where Hirano was eliminated, and saw the morning of Day 6, she wasn’t there during the run. People in the chat were asking where she was. Then, at breakfast, she appeared.
    Slightly confused as to what is happening, but I’m glad she stayed! Even if she and Mimi are now up for elimination now.. );
    I look forward to your next recap explaining the situation!

    Liked by 1 person

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