WACK Auditions – Day Five Recap

The field of hopefuls was reduced even more today….. or was it? We will talk about that later. After the two girls chosen for elimination battled to hold on to their place (see yesterday’s recap) it was time for the morning run.

The girls finished in this order

  1. パン・ルナリーフィ [Panluna Leafy]
  2. アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  3. モモコグミカンパニー[Momoko Gumi Co.]
  4. ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  5. みみらんど [Mimiland]
  6. ペリ・ウブ [Peri-UBU]
  7. セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  8. キャン・マイカ [Can Maika]
  9. リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  10. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  11. ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  12. ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  13. オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  14. チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]

Then it was time for breakfast, during which Maika still unable to finish in a high place during the morning run, again asked for the death sauce to try and gain more points.

After breakfast and again at the dance studio, the teams were changed again.

Team Can Maika/Peri-UBU (song: レリビ)

  • ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  • オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  • ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  • チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]
  • みみらんど [Mimiland]

Team Momoko Gumi Co./Panluna Leafy (song: BiSH-星が瞬く夜に-)

  • リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  • ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  • ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  • セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  • アユナ・C [Ayuna C]

In this competition Team Momoko Gumi Co./Panluna Leafy took the win. Watanabe though that the English parts in レリビ were not done well. Then off to lunch, don’t have to go into details.

After lunch the teams were reorganized again.

Team Momko Gumi Co./Peri-UBU (song: BiSBiS)

  • ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  • オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  • ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  • チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]
  • みみらんど [Mimiland]

Team Can Maika/Panluna Leafy (song: GANG PARADE)

  • リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  • ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  • ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  • セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  • アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  • ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]

At this point there was a surprise. Due to the ferry to the mainland being canceled because of a storm ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu] was put back in the competition. There was a great show of happiness from the girls and a great outpouring of comments on the niconico stream. She is actually quite popular if you were not aware.

She was put on team Can Maika/Panluna Leafy

The teams then had four hours to either learn their new choreography and song or practice the one they already knew.

During the performance of GANG PARADE Ayuna C and RisoRiso became entangled in their stocking prop and Ayuna C had to finish the song with it on her head. There was a lot of laughter from the girls and crew watching.

The rankings ended up like this:

  1. Team Cam Maika/Panluna Leafy
  2. Team Momoko Gumi Co./Peri-UBU

I think Watanabe was very impressed that despite the mess up with the prop the girls kept singing and performing without really missing a beat.

Off to dinner which was filled with a lot of asking for death sauce. The girls desperate to increase their points and stay in the competition. Some did not fare well and there were many quick trips to the bathroom.

After this they all gathered in the classroom where Watanabe gave an engaging lecture on songwriting. I wish I knew Japanese because he really is a great song writer and knowing his process would be an incredible thing to hear.

It was then voting time and the viewers on niconico gave their input.

The WACK girls ended up like this:

  1. Momoko Gumi Co. (31.2%)
  2. Can Maika (27.5%)
  3. Peri-UBU (19.5%)
  4. Panluna Leafy (17.7%)

The  total points or them stand like this

  1. Panluna Leafy 84 points
  2. Momoko Gumi Co. 72 points
  3. Can Maika 49.5 points
  4. Peri-UBU 49 points

And the hopefuls

  1. ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]
  2. ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  3. アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  4. リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  5. ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  6. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  7. ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  8. オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  9. みみらんど [Mimiland]
  10. セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  11. チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]

Somehow the girls chosen for elimination were:

  • みみらんど [Mimiland]
  • ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu]

At this point the niconico crowd was wondering why Hirano Nozmu keeps getting put up for elimination even though she is always high in the voting. This time I can only conclude that since she was given a second chance because of the storm she would pretty much be an automatic pick for elimination. In the morning they would have to again do the “paprika” squats. (result at the end of this story of course)

It was then announced that the competition tomorrow would be the song WACK is FXXK by SAiNT SEX and that there would be three teams.

Team Peri-UBU/Panluna Leafy

  • ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  • セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  • チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]

Team Momoko Gumi Co.

  • アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  • ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  • ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]

Team Can Maika

  • ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  • リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  • オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  • Survivor of the challenge [Mimiland or Hirano Nozumu]

In the end ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu] was eliminated during the “paprika” challenge. I am sure this is not the last we will see of her though……

On to day Six

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