WACK Auditions – Day Six Recap

It is really coming down to the wire. Every hopeful  is putting forth the most effort they can to escape elimination. What happened today? Well, lets find out. Here is a run down of the basics.

As most of you already knew, ヒラノノゾム [Hirano Nozumu], who was becoming a fan favorite was eliminated in today’s pre-run elimination challenge. So, she is completely out now since the ferries are back up and running.

As for the run, it was pretty much your standard affair that we have seen for the last five days. Today there was one twist, the top five to the midpoint would have to eat melonpan, so the strategy of coming in 3rd or 4th at midpoint would not work today. Of course they were not told this. The five were:

  • アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  • パン・ルナリーフィ [Panluna Leafy]
  • キャン・マイカ [Can Maika]
  • モモコグミカンパニー[Momoko Gumi Co.]
  • みみらんど [Mimiland]

This would of course change the usual order of the finish as the strategy used before would not work. The girls finished in this order:

  1. ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  2. パン・ルナリーフィ [Panluna Leafy]
  3. ペリ・ウブ [Peri-UBU]
  4. セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  5. リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  6. チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]
  7. アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  8. ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  9. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  10. モモコグミカンパニー[Momoko Gumi Co.]
  11. キャン・マイカ [Can Maika]
  12. オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  13. ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  14. みみらんど [Mimiland]

After that was breakfast. There was no death sauce today due to the adverse reactions at the large amounts consumed last night. So it was probably a bit more enjoyable for the girls.

After that off the the dance studio to work on choreography for WACK is FXXK, today’s dance number. Each team was tasked to create their own dances for the song. As mentioned yesterday the teams were:

Team Peri-UBU/Panluna Leafy

  • ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  • セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  • チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]

Team Momoko Gumi Co.

  • アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  • ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  • ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]

Team Can Maika

  • ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  • リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  • オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  • みみらんど [Mimiland]

There was a demonstration before lunch. Judgement was given thus on the performance so far:

  1. Team Momoko Gumi Co.
  2. Team Can Maika
  3. Team Peri-UBU/Panluna Leafy

They were then sent off to lunch, again with no death sauce.

Then back to the studio for more practice and the final demonstration.

The results of the final dance demonstration were:

  1. Team Peri-UBU/Panluna Leafy
  2. Team Momoko Gumi Co.
  3. Team Can Maika

Then off to a nice death sauce free dinner. It was full of pleasant conversations.

After dinner it was time for the personal appeals to the niconico viewers which were full of not only crying but also some good laughs.

During this Momoko Gumi Co. gave a heartfelt speech .

Here is her speech (in Japanese, sorry)





After the appeals voting began. The results of established WACK group members was this:

  1. Momoko Gumi Co. (37.9%)
  2. Can Maika (27.2%)
  3. Peri-UBU (21.5%)
  4. Panluna Leafy (17.7%)

The hopefuls ranked:

  1. アユナ・C [Ayuna C]
  2. リソリソ [RisoRiso]
  3. ミチハヤシリオ [Michihayashi Rio]
  4. ガミヤサキ [Gamiya Saki]
  5. ヤヤ・エイトプリンス [Yaya Eight Prince]
  6. オレンジコパンパイア [Orangeko Vampire]
  7. ヨコヤマヒナ [Yokoyama Hina]
  8. みみらんど [Mimiland]
  9. セントチヒロ・テッテ [CentChihiro Tette]
  10. チョウショージメグミ [Choushouji Megumi]

The final point standings for the WACK group members came out like this.

  1. Panluna Leafy 100 points
  2. Momoko Gumi Co. 89 points
  3. Peri-UBU 68 points
  4. Can Maika 61.5 point

So it looks like Can Maika will have her name changed.

All ten hopefuls still remain and final elimination will be announced tomorrow.

The WACK EXHiBiTiON will be held on March 18th at 2pm. Who knows what will happen…….

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