East Meets West Music Fest

I am super excited to be able to tell all of you faithful readers out there, and anyone else that might stumble upon this, about an event that is coming to Los Angeles this summer. I want you all to start saving those pennies and booking those flights. I have been holding onto this information for a while now and I finally get to release it to the world.

Ok, first off, we all have to thank Derek Vasconi for putting this together. If you went to NECRONOMIDOL last December you probably met him, really top notch guy. Anyway, you probably want some details on this shindig.

Get a look at this poster……. WOW


Dates: Saturday, August 18th and Sunday, August 19th 2018
Venue: The Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California
Price: $40 per day or $70 for both days (VIP ticket and package descriptions below)
Doors: 5:30pm
Show: 6:00pm – 11:30pm

DAY 1 – American bands and Tokyo idols

  • NECRONOMIDOL w/ NECROMA Band (from Tokyo, Japan)
  • Abigail Williams (from Olympia, WA)
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute (from Tokyo, Japan)
  • 14 Generations Toilet Hanakosan (from Tokyo, Japan)
  • Wolf King (from San Francisco, CA)
  • name (from San Francisco, CA)
  • Phoenix Ash (from San Francisco, CA/Tokyo, Japan)

DAY 2 – American idols and Tokyo idols

  • NECRONOMIDOL w/ NECROMA Band (from Tokyo)
  • Yanakoto Sotto Mute (from Tokyo)
  • 14 Generations Toilet Hanakosan (from Tokyo)
  • Paprika Mari (from Los Angeles)
  • PhEri

Day 2 also includes a meet and greet for VIP ticket holders.

**VIP tickets also grant entry to the show both days, this is not an upgrade to a standard ticket.**

VIP meet and greet: 2:00pm – 4:00pm –  Day 2 only


*Important VIP information at the bottom, please scroll down and read.

VIP ticket levels


  • VIP event entry
  • Unsigned poster
  • Photo set (unsigned)


  • VIP event entry
  • Signed poster
  • Group cheki
  • T-shirt
  • Penlight
  • Photo set (signed)


  • VIP event entry
  • Signed poster
  • Group cheki
  • T-shirt
  • Penlight
  • Photo set (signed)
  • Unique item from each group


  • VIP event entry
  • Signed poster
  • Group cheki
  • T-shirt
  • Penlight
  • Photo set (signed)
  • Unique item from each group
  • Signed framed large photo of your member of choice from any of the groups
  • Special personalized video


Now that that is out of the way, I am sure you all want to check out some of these groups before you come to see them. I will give some links and stuff so you can check them out. Yes even for the Tokyo idols, even though I am sure most of you already have that information.


Yanakoto Sotto Mute

14 Generations Toilet Hanakosan

Abigail Williams

Wolf King


Phoenix Ash

Paprika Mari


  • Idols in training from Idol Academy

Don’t forget about those sponsors.

Straight From Japan

Alternative Idol Podcast



*VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PURCHASING YOUR VIP TICKETS: So because we expect a rather large crowd for the VIP event, also to make it fair, the VIP event will be ran SEIRI BANGOU style. What this means simply is that your ORDER in the line of admission will be based on THE LEVEL of the ticket you purchase AND the ORDER that you purchase the ticket. So, for example, if you purchase a $1000 dollar ticket now, you’ll be first in line for everything, since nobody has purchased that ticket level yet. If you are the 25th person to purchase a $100 VIP ticket, you’ll be in the $100 dollar VIP group and your number in the line will be 25.
SO this means the faster you buy your VIP tickets and the higher your VIP ticket value is, the better your slot will be for doing the VIP chekis. This is important because we have a limited amount of time to do chekis during the event. Also, if you want to loop a line of your favorite idol that is performing, or you just want to meet as many idols as possible, being first in line is better than being last. Make sense? You get to KEEP staying in that position throughout the entire event.
Just a quick note… better get your tickets fast. Somebody already purchased a $500 dollar ticket and we have limited quantities of the $500 and $1000 ticket levels available!
Technical notes:
–We will have translators present to help you speak to the idols, but honestly, it’s more fun to just try and talk to them without any translators helping. The girls all will try to speak to you in English if they can. AND what a great reason to learn some Japanese! I encourage ALL of you to memorize some Japanese and speak to them. They’ll all be happy that you tried to do this!
–Chekis are anywhere from 10 dollars to 15 dollars, depending on if you want them signed or not, or if they are special chekis. Please expect to pay for chekis and please try to bring exact change.
— I highly encourage ALL of you to bring gifts if you can, but please note this is by no means a requirement or anything. It’s just that idols traditionally get gifts from their fans on special occasions, and I think this kind of qualifies as a special occasion. Gifts can be anything from food to actual gifts (chocolate is always welcome!), but make sure you keep it clean and not obscene. Also keep the gifts small to medium size. And above all—Use common sense. Note that if ANYONE attempts to offer a gift that is sexual in nature or even remotely offensive or lewd or suggestive, you will be immediately ejected from the Chain Reaction and possibly subject to prosecution. Also, when you meet the idols, you are NOT to touch them in any way, including HUGGING, UNLESS the idols touch you first. These rules will be strictly enforced, as security will be present. However, please note, I’m also not going to be a big asshole about this…again, JUST USE common sense. With idols, you shake their hands, not hug, unless they offer. Some idols will hold both your hands, or might get very close to you during the actual taking of the cheki polaroid. That’s permitted, but be on your best gentlemanly and womanly behavior, okay? I didn’t have a single problem with this during Necronomidol’s tour in December, so I don’t expect to have a problem now.
–A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT HANAKO SAN CHEKIS: Hanako san offers two types of Chekis. One is a regular cheki which you can take with her, but she also offers a special DESTROY CHEKI, which means you will get down on your knees and Hanako will wrap her arms around your neck and attempt to choke you out. This is as awesome as it sounds, as she has done this to me before. You normally count with people in line until you can’t take her choking you anymore, and then tap out. If you do not want her to choke you out, do not get a destroy cheki. If you can handle this type of craziness and realize it’s all being done in good fun, then by all means, experience Hanako San’s incredibly surprising arm strength in a destroy cheki! Seriously.. I couldn’t last longer than two seconds. How long do you think you’ll last?

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