LADYBABY: Release and Something Else

You all knew it was on the way, the new release from LADYBABY. Now we have details. There was also a bit of information that some will love and some, well not so much. How about we find out all about it.

First off here is some info on the release.

LADYBABY – ホシノナイソラ

Release: May 30th, 2018
Price: ¥1800 (CD+DVD), ¥1200 (CD only)

Track list (CD only version)

  1. ホシノナイソラ
  2. bite me
  3. ビリビリマネー feat.Ladybeard
  4. ホシノナイソラ -off vocal ver.-
  5. bite me -off vocal ver.-
  6. ビリビリマネー -off vocal ver.

Track list (CD+DVD version)

  1. ホシノナイソラ
  2. bite me
  3. ホシノナイソラ -off vocal ver.-
  4. bite me -off vocal ver.-


  1. 「ホシノナイソラ」Music Video & Making Video(予定)

Here is the other news. The acute reader will have noticed something in the track listing of the CD only version, yes Ladybeard is making a guest an appearance on that CD. For full details please refer to this article about his appearance on this CD and why he left in the first place in Forbes.

Yes, I know some of you don’t like that Ladybeard is coming back, but it is only a guest appearance. Everything will be alright.

Official Website:

Now I bet you just want to order a copy

CD Only


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