EMPiRE Reveals New Members Plus More

Well, a couple weeks ago good old Terry clued me in on a thing he stumbled across and I put out a story. Now I don’t know how much traction it actually had because I usually get zero feed back on everything….. Here is that story: EMPiRE – Are these the new member names?

Now it comes to pass that this was correct. Maybe that is why in the last couple days I had so many hits on that story from Japan. I think they found out that the cat was already out of the bag and they just need to get the info out there before their debut on the 1st of May.

Here is the announcement tweet … there are links to a couple of free downloads of tracks that include the new girls in the tweet.

So, maybe we might know a thing or two in our little corner of the idolsphere. Or maybe I am just an idiot…… I am probably an idiot.

Official Website: http://empire-official.com/

Get that album, it is pretty good.


Cassette only

One thought on “EMPiRE Reveals New Members Plus More

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