Maison book girl – Karma/Bath Room – UK Version 7″ Single Plus More

The time is here!! At long last that sweet, sweet blue vinyl pressing from Maison Book Girl is now up for pre-order. As soon as I found out I jumped on it, of course I am a really huge fan of Maison Book Girl. They really picked two great tracks for this release, no question.

First lets get the details out of the way. This is the debut release from the new J-pop dedicated UK record label, Read The Air Records. The label is a collaboration between UK independent label Alcopop! Records and Japanese independent label Vinyl Junkie. With a growing appetite for Japanese music from the UK audience, the aim for the new imprint is to help share some of the best artists emerging from the Japanese scene.

This double A side single will be pressed on a beautiful looking blue vinyl and is limited to only 500 copies. So don’t be wasting time, just go get it.

Maison book girl – Karma/Bath Room – UK Version

Release: May 18th, 2018
Price: £6

Track list

  • A – Karma (UK Version)
  • other A – Bath Room (UK Version)

If you are not familiar with the work of Maison book girl here is the original version of “bath room”……. nice.

Don’t worry, link to pre-order at the bottom. You can scroll down there now or you can read more awesome news.

Maison book girl is also doing a UK tour in May. Yes, I know, super exciting. I am so jealous of you folks over their right now. Instead of typing out all the info I will just use this awesome graphic.

Commenting about all this, the group said: “We all are sooo happy to hear that our debut A-side 7” single ‘KARMA/BATH ROOM – UK Version’ will be released in the UK! These songs are very popular among our Japanese fans, and we’ll be so glad if our UK fans like them too. We can’t wait to play at The Great Escape Festival 2018 and we’re really looking forward to seeing everyone in the UK. Please come to see us!”

Official Website:

Click below to order.

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