BABYMETAL – New Record Label……

For those who didn’t know, BABYMETAL parted ways with their old US distributor, RAL (RED Associated Labels) which was owned by Sony Music Entertainment, quite some time ago. Now it seems that they have formed a new US label for themselves, but things may not be so cut and dried.

BABYMETAL announced they have teamed up with 5B Artist Management and Records and Cooking Vinyl, a UK based record label, to form BABYMETAL RECORDS. This is the label that will be in charge of US releases. So, BABYMETAL is back in the game in the US on their own terms, or so it would seem.

In an odd twist it seems that Cooking Vinyl did all of its distribution through Essential, an independent distribution company. That is until early 2016 when Essential was purchased by Sony Music and renamed RED Essential (Now part of RAL). You can probably see where this is headed.

It would seem that even though BABYMETAL has started its own label that distribution will still be handled by an arm of Sony Music, so I guess that the earlier split was not as bad as some think.

I assume that as long as everyone is happy it will all work out. At the moment it does seem that everyone is fine with this arrangement, at least judging by the following quotes taken from an article on Oricon.

When BABYMETAL started, we traveled to the great ocean of metal galaxies, in a small boat like a rowing boat, and sailed the “Road without Road”. Over time, the rowing boat has evolved into a big ship, and at this time when “METAL RESISTANCE” flies further around the world, we are thankful for our encounter with our new partners 5B and Cooking Vinyl and we’re excited about further developments.

BABYMETALがスタートした時、我々は手漕ぎボートのような小さな船で、メタルの銀河という大海原へと旅立ち、「道無き道」を航海してきました。時を経て、手漕ぎボートは大きな船へと進化し、「METAL RESISTANCE」がさらに世界中へと羽ばたいていくタイミングで、5Bとクッキング・ヴァイナルという新しいパートナーとの出会いに感謝し、さらなる展開を楽しみにしています。

■ Bob Jong Sen (5B Vice President)
I’m very excited to be able to work with BABYMETAL who is globally popular. The existence of BABYMETAL is itself a genre, and the BABYMETAL fans in the world are very enthusiastic, transcending generation, sex, culture. And what is common to them is that you are crazy about BABYMETAL. We are looking forward to spread this whirlwind to the world.

世界的に人気を広げる BABYMETALと仕事ができる事にとても興奮しています。BABYMETALの存在自体がひとつのジャンルであり、世界の BABYMETAL ファンたちはとても熱狂的で、世代、性別、文化を超越しています。そして彼らに共通していることは一つ、BABYMETALに夢中だということです。私たちはこの旋風を世界に広げることを楽しみにしています。


■ Howie Gaybrill (President of Cooking Vinyl USA)
This special partnership will lead to further growth of BABYMETAL. Cooking vinyl is a label that has been active globally for the past 30 years and has bases in London, Melbourne, and New York. I am very much looking forward to contributing to BABYMETAL’s international leap with 5B.

このたびの特別なパートナーシップが BABYMETAL のさらなる成長を導くでしょう。クッキング・ヴァイナルはこれまで30年間グローバルに活動を行ってきたレーベルであり、ロンドン、メルボルン、そしてニューヨークに拠点をもっています。5Bと共に BABYMETAL の国際的な飛躍に貢献できることをとても楽しみにしています。

Maybe some time in the future they will make a new album, seeing as they now have the infrastructure in the US to handle it.

Official Website:


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