Yui Ga Dokuson – 「Like a virgin」Release Information

Yeah, I have been meaning to get to this for a while now. Do you all remember when WACK did that whole election thing for people to get solo recording debuts? Chitti, Aina and Ayuni_D all got the nod. Then after some shenanigans, GANG PARADE member Yui Ga Dokuson, in a surprise turn of events also got the nod.

So far only the release of one of these solo debuts has been announced, and it is for Yui. And deservedly so, I mean who doesn’t like the center of the whole Body and Nine Soul dance. Here is the release information for you.

ユイ・ガ・ドクソン  – 「Like a virgin」

Release: June 12th, 2018
Price: ¥1000 (+tax)

Track list:

  1. Like a virgin
  2. Like a virgin (inst.)


She also has a live dedicated to the release that will happen on June 10th, 2018 at Tsutaya O-WEST. So anyone luck enough to be in Japan should check it out. This might be her only solo live.

It also sounds like this release, or at least the song is inspired by “ganguro” culture as indicated too by the publicity photo.

Twitter: Yui Ga Dokuson

Official Website: http://www.gangparade.com/

You want to pick up a copy?

ユイ・ガ・ドクソン – 「Like a virgin」

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