NECRONOMIDOL – NEMESIS 2nd Pressing Released By Specific

Any of you that were not lucky enough to get your hands on the 500 unit first pressing  of NEMESIS are in luck. Specific Records has issued a second pressing, and it looks to be superior to the first. Lets have a look.

So, most NECRONOMIDOL collectors probably have a copy of NEMESIS in black. You can now chalk your collection of this release on vinyl up to two copies, and this one looks great, as long as you move quickly.

The vinyl is a beautiful glowing pink with black splatter and will be a limited pressing of 300 units. Oh, did I mention it was also on 180 gram vinyl? Now, if you pick this copy up soon you can probably get it signed at a European VIP event during their up coming tour.  You Americans could get it signed in Los Angeles in August.


Realease: May 14th 2018
Price: €16 (plus shipping)
300 units on Pink/Black Splatter on 180gram vinyl

  1. Atarai No Tsumeato
  2. Vulture
  3. Sarnath
  4. Lamia Maledictum
  5. Skulls in the Stars
  6. Azathoth
  7. Nayenezgani
  8. Puella Tenebrarum
  9. Ankoku Shoujyo Sentai
  10. Warabeuta
  11. ‘Umr At-Tawil

Available only from Specific: ORDER HERE

Group Website:

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