BiS 1st And BiS 2nd Lineups Announced

I have kind of been waiting for this announcement, it always find it interesting what names idols will be given. Is that weird? Anyway, BiS 1st and BiS 2nd have announced their full lineups and I want you all to have the information.

I will give the new artist photos along with their Twitter links. No actual information, but if you really need it you can click on the BiS, WACK and WACK Auditions links in the side bar. Plenty of information there.

I suppose we will start with BiS 1st, which will only have four members

Panluna Leafy – @PANLUNA_BiS


ネル・ネール [Nel Nehru] (formerly Orangeko Vampire) – @NELNEHRU_BiS

トリアエズ・ハナ [TORiAEZU Hana] (formerly CentChihiro Tette) – @TORiAEZ_BiS

Now we will move onto BiS 2nd which will have six members

Peri-UBU – @UBU_BiS

Aya-Eight Prince – @AYAPRi_BiS



ムロパナコ [MUROPANAKO] (formerly Ayuna C) – @MUROPANA_BiS

ミュークラブ [MEWCLUB] (formerly Choushouji Megumi) – @MEWCLUB_BiS

So, there you have it, your new lineups. The old line up will end on May 31st and the new lineups will have their first live on June 2nd.

Don’t forget the I have a full rundown on how this whole BiS.LEAGUE thing will work.

Official Website:

Pre-order the release, you know you want to.

BiS 1st – Dont’ miss it!! (Type A CD+Blu-ray+Photo Book+2CD (live) [Limited Edition])

BiS 1st – Don’t miss it!! (Type B CD+DVD [Limited Edition])

BiS 1st – Don’t miss it!! (CD only [Regular Edition])

BiS 2nd – Don’t miss it!! (CD only [Regular Edition])



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