That Is New To Me: KING∞RAGE

……New and almost replacement might be a better way of saying it. After the mysterious countdown we had on the Checkmate Twitter was over…..

……. everything changed and now we have KING∞RAGE. How about a little look at them.

A few folks are saying that this is just a rebuilding of the old group, I would have to disagree. Only one member will probably be familiar. The group has also been active for a while, they did their debut live on April 7th as a four girl unit, I will show some footage from an early show later. I do not know how long they practiced before their first show, they may have been around as early as January. Lets see these members.

First is ALICE, she has been in the group since the beginning. Her color is red.

Twitter: @alice_kingrage

MARIMO, also in since inception. Her color is yellow.

Twitter: @marimo_kingrage

DOLL, original member as well. Her color is purple.

Twitter: @doll_kingrage

AMANE, the final original member. Her color is black (I think)

Twitter: @amane_kingrage

Finally we have MCO (pronounced Eimuko). Her color is white.

You might remember her from Checkmate (as Hitomi) or あんどもあ (as MCO). She is the newest member, her live debut was on May 14th.

Twitter: @mco_kingrage

Looking back a bit on this group they have been at it pretty steady through the month of April, playing many shows. And yes, they do play Checkmate songs, it is good to have a couple ready to go when you are new. It isn’t like the old group was going to be using them.

This is from a show on May 2nd or 3rd I believe.

Anyway here is the original lineup.

And now with the addition of MCO

It looks like they have a pretty good start and plenty of bookings ahead of them already. I just hope they do better than Checkmate, who were promising…..

Twitter: @newkingrage

Official Website: None yet


If you get super bored you can go check out their original Twitter: @KINGRAGE_0407



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