Do you even just look at the bill for a live in Japan and wonder to yourself: “Huh, I bet that group is interesting.” That is a case of what we have here. I was just scanning the Twitter feed and saw this posted by Lyric Holic Noir.

Now I know most of these groups, but who is that last one? I had to find out.

There does not seem to be to much information out there on these two. I could not find a website for them, only Twitter. First thing I found is that this is two guys…. yep, there are male idols out there, surprise (if you didn’t know).

They bill themselves as “Neo Loud Idol” and “The most extreme unit in men’s idol” from what I have heard they do fit that description. They are pretty new, just had their debut live on March 19th, at least in this interation. It seems they were previously just called くろいひつじ (Black Sheep), I guess this is just a bit of a rebranding. So lets see who we have here, and then on to a song.

First we have 唯丸®︎ (Yuimaru), he is a fun loving entertainer from Oyama city, Tochigi prefecture. Twitter: @BS_yuimaru

Second is 七星なな (Nanahoshi Nana), he likes anime, fashion and of course music. Twitter: @BS_na7na

I can tell you are just dying to hear what they sound like, so here you go.

They seem to have a one-man set for September 15th at Shibuya Milkyway, so I don’t think they will be going anywhere soon.

I for one am looking forward to see how this will all turn out. Just don’t forget, idol isn’t just a girl’s thing, boys can play too.

Group Twitter: @staff_BS

YouTube: 公式【放牧系-黒羊症候群】BLACKSHEEP SYNDROME

One thought on “That Is New To Me: BLACKSHEEP SYNDROME

  1. I was honestly waiting for when the alt-idol scene would get some male idols or if it would remain female. Seems like Blacksheep Syndrome is the answer. Looking forward to see what they do in the future, thanks for the introduction!


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