Maison book girl – レインコートと首の無い鳥 (MV) Plus More

Just back from what I understand to be a great UK tour, Maison book girl drops an MV on us for one of their new songs. Yes, I will also have the details for the release after the video, settle down.

First off, we need to get a good look and listen to this video. I am sure there is an on going story with all of their videos and somebody needs to write up a synopsis.

I am sure you have been told that this group is not for everyone. I think that is not quite correct, it just takes a couple of listens. Just because they sound a bit different doesn’t mean a thing. This song is really great and I think everyone can enjoy a bit of MBG every now and again.

Here are the details for the release.

Maison book girl – elude

Release: June 20th, 2018
Price: ¥1300 (tax in)

Track list

  1. レインコートと首の無い鳥
  2. おかえりさよなら
  3. 教室
  4. レインコートと首の無い鳥 (Inst.)
  5. おかえりさよなら (Inst.)
  6. 教室 (Inst.) (収録予定)

Official Website:

It is OK to take a chance on music, give this one a try

elude CD

If you are already a fan, did you order your vinyl of Karma // Bath Room?

Karma // Bath Room

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