That Is New To Me: A.N.otheЯ

So a while ago in the Facebook group (Alternative Idol) I mentioned that another idol group was being put together. I know,  I do that quite often. Information so far is pretty scant, but I will do my best to let you know everything.

Firstly, I am pretty excited for this because I was a pretty big fan of Living Dead I Dolls (who are being rebuilt) and this group is being co-produced by the same guy, Ishioka Haruki, head of Dual Eye Records along with a company called Clear (could not find information on them). I really liked the musical style and the look of his other idol group so I am already predisposed to like this one as well.

So, it looks like the group is zombie themed, the first member announced has the back story that she somehow died in Shibuya and was reincarnated as a zombie. She will roam the streets and bite girls to increase the number of members, who will also be zombies. Interesting concept.

Here is the first member announced.

Twitter: @Luna_A_N

In true zombie fashion there is no information available on her.

There will eventually be five members of the group but the reveal timeline is unknown at the moment.I guess it depends upon how long it takes for LUNA to find victims. The whole group will be officially revealed at their debut on July 1st.

There was also a teaser put out on the groups YouTube and Twitter.

The music in the teaser is by Ichihara Naoki, who also writes music for Living Dead I Dolls.

Interestingly, the wardrobe/makeup/hair styling is done by none other than Waka formerly of 偶想Drop. One wonders if she will play the role of costumer for the entire group, stage outfits and all. I am sure that it is a possibility.

The group has also opened a website. Not much information on there at the moment, but possibly something to pay attention to.

Official Website:

Twitter: @A_N_othe_R


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