BILLIE IDLE – BILLIed IDLE 2.0 Release Information

We talked about Pour Lui joining BILLIE IDLE on the podcast a while ago. At the same time we also discussed the new album, which she will be included on. Now all the release information is available. lets have a look at what this will be like.

First off, this is going to be a two disk release and a  full 28 tracks when all is said and done. If you ask me this is totally worth the asking price.


Release: Jult 4th, 2018
Price: ¥3000 (tax in)

Track List Disk 1「BILLIed IDLE 2.0」

  1. anarchy in the music scene
  2. MY WAY
  3. さよならロマンティック
  4. どうせ消えてしまう命なら… (BI$ Edition)
  5. by
  6. 本当の夢を
  7. STAY
  8. be-bop tu-tu
  9. 泣きそうサンデー
  10. pet
  11. 愛 SUNSUN
  12. ラストソング
  13. be my boy.
  15. ジャッキーの大冒険 ~地獄よりの使者~
  16. エンドロール($I$ Edition)
  17. メモリーズ
  18. 彼方に…。
  19. P.S.R.I.P.
  20. 時の旅人

Track List Disk 2「IDLE FELLAS 2.0」

  2. フレンズ
  3. バージンブルー
  4. Forever
  5. ふられ気分でRock’n’ Roll
  6. 神様ヘルプ!
  7. 想い出がいっぱい
  8. BYE-BYE

If I am understanding correctly the first disk is a best of with the originally recorded tracks. There are two exceptions どうせ消えてしまう命なら… (BI$ Edition), which will feature only First Summer Uika, Hirano Nozomi, and Pour Lui. The track エンドロール($I$ Edition)will feature only Momo and Akira. The second disk is all newly recorded songs, including two new tracks.

They are also wearing some new outfits that are pretty similar to what was worn in A Clockwork Orange.

Official Website:

Pre-order this one right now….. if you like


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