A.N.otheЯ – 『AWAKENING』(ver.Luna DEMO)

I introduced A.N.otheЯ to you fine folks a little bit ago, well now we have something to hear. This was announced earlier in the day, if anyone was paying attention.

How about a listen to what this new group, still under construction, sounds like.

Now, it says demo, and if this is actually a raw, demo, it sounds pretty dang good to me. I can’t wait to hear a fully mixed version. By the way, I think she has a pretty good voice, just an observation.

Luna, at the moment, the soul member of the group, said that this song expresses the world view of A.N.otheЯ exactly….. I guess I need to hunt down the lyrics. Dual Eye Records used to put them out with the videos.

Regardless, I think the song is great and I can’t wait to see what happens at the debut live on July 1st.

Official Website: https://another-official.com/


One thought on “A.N.otheЯ – 『AWAKENING』(ver.Luna DEMO)

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