BiSH – NON TiE-UP (MV) Plus Extra

Just hanging out at home doing nothing yesterday, the usual, and this popped up in the Facebook group.

What is all this then? BiSH guerilla release part two? Yeah, it sure was.

Everyone was quite excited, especially since it wasn’t a tie-in to and anime or store. So, a bunch of messaging and other types of back and forth, and a short time later, I had secured myself a copy. The other fine fellas on the podcast had secured copies as well. Anyway, This super surprise release is sure to pull wavering BiSH fans back into the fold as we will see from the MV. I am sure there will be a review at some point over at Idol Is Shit, maybe. Unfortunately I don’t think this version will be available to buy online, maybe they will make another, like last time.

Now for the MV. It pretty much comes back to what some will tell you is true BiSH form, filthy lyrics and everything.

I also like the new red/blue suits. I hope those stick around a while. Also, Atsuko, where did that vocal power come from? LiNGLiNG ever does a good job……..

Official Website:

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