Candye♡Syrup Announce Graduations And Saboten Con Information

I got up a stupidly early this morning, around like 3:45am or something, I don’t know why. Looked at my phone to see if anything was going on…. nothing. Back to bed then. Then I got up at 9:00 am and it seemed like the world had turned on its head….. according to some. Candye♡Syrup had announced some graduations.

In reality not just some, but every member is graduating.

In a nutshell, Every member of Candye♡Syrup will be graduating on August 19th, well, except Ichigo who is graduating today. Why is she graduating today and not with the rest? Well, personal reasons of course. So, if you wanted to see her perform with the group you are a bit out of luck.

All other members will continue as usual, cheki tickets will be honored until the 19th of August, if you have tickets for Ichigo you can exchange them for another member or get a refund at the Harajuku Candye♡Syrup store.

The actual reason behind the graduations is not known but all of the members are, of course, thankful for the support. Non has also stated that she is not done with idol yet and also said that this plan had been known to the group for some time.

I think the catalyst for the announcement today was Ichigo leaving, that is of course just me speculating.


On, another note, if you were going to see them at Saboten Con, don’t worry. They are still going to appear. Well, except Ichigo obviously. So as a very rare treat, possibly the rarest of treats, the final appearance of this lineup will take place in Arizona on August 31st, 2018.

As for Candye♡Syrup the group, IKU is starting up a new recruitment process and the group will continue as phase II.

Basics: Recruitment from June 26th to July 8th, age range is 16 to 28. You have to be able to do death vocals, like fashion (Yumekawaii, Harajuku style) and have good physical and mental health.

Official Website:

Final release is on sale and ready to ship.



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