That Is New To Me: I to U $CREAMing

Good old Terry, always looking out for new stuff. I have not really had time lately to dig into the fertile Japanese idol underground, so big thanks to him on this one. Hope to get back to a nice regular search pattern soon. Anyway, on to the nice group.

This group is called I to U $CREAMing, which is interesting to say the least. I do not know if it has anything to do with their sounds or not, maybe just a creative little name they thought up. This duo is pretty new to the scene having formed on June 1st 2018, and yet to play a live. We will get into all that fun stuff later.

First let meet the members.

哀原なな [Nana Aihara]

She has the color pink or light purple, and likes sleeping and playing games. You can call her にゃん [Nyan] for short.

Second is:

有未 りん [Rin Yuumi]

She is in charge of light blue and likes watch live idol video, playing the werewolf game (sounds interesting) and just generally keeping busy. For short you can call her りーぬ [Rinu].

Now a bit of backstory. Back in 2014 these two were in a group called Diva. They did cover songs because they had no originals and wore off the rack outfits. They did not really like performing idol that way, feeling that the customers were not getting what they should, they suspended activities. They were going to restart later that year but just could not find the time.

Then one day there was a conversation





And now here we are.

On their extensive blog they said that they already have several songs of various genres. Costumes are ready, and it looks like they might be selling shirts and towels (for otaku) at their first live.

This live will be on August 10th at Shinjuku Red Nose.
They are calling it their 0th one-man.

「 I to U $CREAMing!!、お披露目公演」
Doors at 18:30
Advanced tickets ¥500, door ¥1000
Reservation benefits available

Then on the 23rd of September they will perform their first one-man, also at Shinjuku Red Nose. You can get the details for that and everything else you need from their website.

I just hope if there is a CD available I will be able to get one……….

Official Website:

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