That Is New To Me: ポエムアパート

You all know how I love finding new idols. WelI, I have found another group for you to checkout: ポエムアパート [trans. Poem Apartment].

They are not exactly new, but not many really know of them. How about a little look at Poem Apartment.

The first thing people always want to know is what a new group sounds like. Well, I would say Poem Apartment is someplace near a cross of Yanakoto Sotto Mute and Maison book girl. Eclectic with a good portion of emotion tossed in to boot. I will tell you that they are self described as heavily using poetry reading, I didn’t find it to much of a distraction myself, it all blends together very well.

Meet the members. I guess I actually mean see the members, there isn’t much info on them. You would have to dig into their individual Twitter profiles.




Well, that was a bit unsatisfying, but fear not, we have video this time!

Here is there MV for クォーク [trans. Quark]

And a live performance, from 6.4.18 at Shibuya LOFT9

Plus as a bonus they had a mini album come out in May.

ポエムアパート 「エトセトラ」

Release: May 11th 2018
Price: ¥2000 (tax in)

Track list

  1. エトセトラ
  2. クォーク
  3. ラセン
  4. レプリカ
  5. テトラ
  6. バク
  7. エンパシー
  8. ハスク
  9. トートロジー
  10. ニュイ

Album trailer

This one you will have to use a proxy for and buy it from their web-store.

Yeah, not so much on this group, but it is good to go find out for yourself sometimes. All the links to needed places are in the write up of course. Have fun.

Official Website:

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