Tentenko To Release Album On New Label

Former member of BiS and now experimental pop solo artist, Tentenko, will be releasing a new album. The album will be released by the new Toothpaste Records, a London/Tokyo collaborative label. Let’s have a look at this new release and the label releasing it.

For those not familiar with Tentenko’s music I will let her tell you about her sound.

“My music is a combination of different styles i love. I like to mix the sound of classic pop with underground music, like combining pop from the ‘Showa’-era in Japan with noise music. Even if we are far away, music has no borders.”

The upcoming release “Tentenko” features songwriting and performance contributions from cult star Shintaro Sakamoto and ‘fourth member’ of YMO, Hideki Matsutake AKA Logic System alongside newer acts such as Emerald Four and Pellycolo.

Tentenko has recorded previously with artists such as legendary noise band Hijokaidan, and has featured on several Top 10 hits and nationwide tours in Japan as a member of controversial punk Idol group Brand-New Idol Society AKA BiS.

The release will be limited to 1000 copies on translucent pink vinyl. It will include an inner sleeve with lyrics in Japanese and English.

Tentenko – Tentenko

Release: September 21st, 2018
Price: £19.99

Track list

A Side

  1. Kiken Na Highway
  2. Good Bye, Good Girl
  3. Yakanhiko
  4. Jiro
  5. Hoshi No Densha

B side

  1. Hokago Sympathy
  2. Nantonaku Abunai
  3. Kuruma ~Joshu Seki School~
  4. Ryuhyo No Kodomo
  5. Robot

Already available for pre-order at:

Norman Records

Rough Trade

Toothpaste Records is a new venture from Johnny Hartford from the long-established London-based independent record store Sister Ray in collaboration with Phillipe Boehm, founder of Tokyo-based label and design studio Alegori. Johnny’s been running various record stores and club nights and DJing since the 90s. Alegori have been working with artists from the indie scene in Tokyo since 2014, designing and releasing albums such as Suiyobi No Campanella’s “Jugem Je T’aime” LP and the collaborative LP between two legends of Japanese music: Hijokaidan and the hugely influential Jun

Toothpaste Records

Social Media Links

Tentenko Twitter
Tentenko Instgram
Toothpaste Records



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