New BiS 1st and BiS 2nd Lineups Announced

The results are in!!

Some folks have been following the BiS.LEAGUE competition intently, some not so much. The results my come as a surprise to a good portion of the fan base, or maybe not. I for one am pretty happy with the way it turned out.

If you are in anyway confused as to what I am talking about perhaps a peek at this story will help: BiS.LEAGUE Kicks Off In A Big Way

One change that was announced about halfway through, the groups would actually be divided thus: BiS 1st, top four vote receivers, BiS 2nd, next six vote receivers. why it was changed I do not remember. You want to know the results with vote counts?

BiS 1st lineup

  1. GO-ZEELA (7265 votes)
  2. Aya-Eight Prince (6752 votes)
  3. Panluna Leafy (6579 votes)
  4. TORiAEZU Hana (6411 votes)

BiS 2nd lineup

  1.  KiKA FRONT FRONTALE (6141 votes)
  2. Peri-UBU (5760 votes)
  3. YUiNA EMPiRE (2343 votes)
  4. MUROPANAKO (1878 votes)
  5. Nel Nehru (1735 votes)
  6. MEWCLUB (1329 votes)

So, there you have it, the new BiS lineups. I for one an pretty happy, especially since I voted for GO-ZEELA (who has really stepped up by the way). These lineups will take effect in September and be in effect until after the next voting period, which will happen with the next release.

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