the mistress – 「Would youkill yourself now?」(MV) Plus More

Well, that didn’t take long….. And like a phoenix a new group rises from the ashes of the old. Maybe a bit dramatic, but then again nobody saw this coming. It is the rebirth? maybe, of mistress. Now they are called “the mistress”, so don’t mess it up. Lets check them out.

First off, there is already an MV, so how about we just get that out of the way, then we can see who is new in the group.

Well, a bit different than the previous iteration but not bad, not bad at all.

How about these members.

美乃 [mino]


いちご [ichigo]


安眠 [anmin]


れん [ren]

Not too much information on them yet, other than mino also performs solo under the name MiNO and also does cosplay. Just go look at all their Twitter account by clicking on their names.

They will make their debut on August 11th at Shibuya Milkyway

new encounters vol.111

OPEN 9:30 / START 10:00

the mistress / 必殺エモモモモ!! / バカは死ぬまでなおらない。 / 姫事絶対値 / Aphrodite / ZOMBIE POWDER / Cherish / さよならシックスティーン / ユキノユーリ / and more

Then later that day they run over to TOKYO FM HALL for a second show.

IDOL Pop’n Party

OPEN 11:30 / START 12:00

AIBECK / 赤マルダッシュ☆ / エラバレシ / KAMOがネギをしょってくるッ!!! / グーグールル / Clef Leaf / the mistress / @SunCafe / Shibu3 project / Jewel☆Rouge / sora tob sakana / パンダみっく / ふらっぺidolぷろじぇくと研修生 / マジカル・パンチライン / ミライスカート / みらくる!わんだらんど / メルティーハート / MELLOW GREEN WONDER / 愛乙女☆DOLL / loop

They both look like pretty good shows to me if I am being honest

I am also seeing that they will be selling their first single on a music card at these shows. Prior to this it will be available starting on August 2nd at music distribution sites. I assume this means music outlets.

If you were already following them you are in luck. The group Twitter account has not changed, and the website has not changed.

Official Website:



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