969 – A NEW LEVEL (MV) Plus More

Oh boy, I love me some 969, there is just something about them that I can’t put my finger on. In a world of idol rock they kind of rise to the top. This is their new MV, and you can find the song on their upcoming first album.

Now, there is nothing ground breaking about the MV but  there is an anthemic air about the song. This thing is going to be nuts live.

What about that up coming release?

969 – 969

Release: August 22nd, 2018
Price: ¥2500 (tax in)

Track list

  1. Catch The Light
  2. FATE
  4. Moment
  5. Brand New World
  7. Missing Blue
  8. Colors
  9. By Your Side
  10. REAL

Nothing else to say from me. I will be ordering this one, no doubt.

Official Website: https://969.tokyo/

Do you like idol rock? I knew you did….. buy this one.

969 – 969

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