WAgg – Here We Go

Back in May there was an announcement from WACK about an idol training program that they were about to start up. It seems that they have now gone through the initial process of recruiting candidates and are ready to begin. This is all very exciting to me, but then again I am a big fan of WACK stunts and gimmicks, mostly because they are brilliant.

For those of you that missed the announcement back in May here it is in broad strokes.

WACK was looking for prospective idols to participate in a new training program. Applicants needed to check all the proper boxes.

  • Age 12 to 17
  • Not under contract by another agency
  • If currently under contract, will be free from the contract by the end of July
  • Can work in Tokyo starting in August

After finishing the program the idols would be ready to move into already established groups like GANG PARADE or BiS… etc., or possibly to form a new group.

Well, now the time to reveal all the program participants. Are you ready to meet them?

Here are there names, Twitter link, photo (because that is all there really is so far)

マリン・バ [MARiN BA]

愛 [LOVE]

アンズピア [ANZUPiA]

ウタウウタ [UTAUUTA]


サアヤイト [SAYAiTO]


ウルウ・ル [URUU RU]

They will have their introductory live on September 9th, 2018. There are already a few shows scheduled, so if you are going to be in Japan on these date maybe give them a go.

『WAgg the beginning』

September 9th @ 東京 TSUTAYA O-WEST

(1st show) Doors: 11:30, Start: 12:00
(2nd show) Doors: 16:00, Start: 16:30

September 16th @ 愛知県 DAYTRIVE

Doors: 14:00, Start: 15:00

September 17th @ 大阪府 LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE

Doors: 14:00, Start: 15:00

September 22nd @ 宮城県 enn 2nd

Doors: 12:00, Start: 12:30


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