XTEEN – More Changes And Release Coming

XTEEN have had a few  line up changes. Starting out as a 5 girl unit, they lost one almost right off the bat. Then they lost a couple members, gained one member. That was all cool, it happens. Now it seems we have lost another member, but we have gained a couple more. What is going on around here?

Well, whatever is happening I hope it settles down. I liked the first release from this group, plus they have a really good aesthetic. Anyway, I guess we should get a full member run down.





I just hope this line up sticks, that would be great. I mean they look awesome. Their first live with this new line up will be on August 23rd @ 新宿ReNY.

Anyway, they also have another release coming soon.


Release: October 31st 2018
Price: Not announced yet


  2. Alice The Ripper
  3. Living Dead Doll

Sorry, no cover art or pre-order yet.

This release once again features SAKI from Mary’s Blood on guitars. This of course makes one wonder what her connection is to this idol group.

Official Website: http://xteen.tokyo/


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