That Is New To Me: Dan te Lion

Well, I figured I have not done one of these in a while and it is pretty slow so here is a group I stumbled across, Dan te Lion. Not a new group and by their YouTube videos they seem to have a solid if small following. Lets have a brief glimpse at Dan te Lion.

Oh, I have decided to reformat this type of group introduction, cutting out the member bios and things like that. I figure if you are interested enough you will search it out yourself.

On with the members. It also looks like they are undergoing an image revamp. You will see what I mean if you take a look at their website.

天塔 梨奈

染谷 音羽





Pretty cool look isn’t it, well the music isn’t half bad either. They just released an MV for the title track off their new single, Re:SISTANCE.

Here is the info on the single.

Dan te Lion – Re:SISTANCE

Release: September 9th, 2018
Price: ¥1000 (tax inc.)

Track list

  3. Crazy-SUN
  4. 永遠と未来へ
  5. ボーナストラック
  6. Re:SISTANCE-off vocal ver.
  7. VAMPAIRE-off vocal ver.
  8. Crazy-SUN-off vocal ver.
  9. 永遠と未来へ-off vocal ver.
  10. ボーナストラック-off vocal ver.

Official Website:


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