NECRONOMIDOL at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, More Details

OK, details on showtimes for NECRONOMIDOL’s appearance at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival are now available. I am really excited about this and will be there all three days, and there will be no shortage of things to do, both NECRONOMIDOL and H.P. Lovecraft related. I already wrote a bit about this event. The group will be performing 3 times during their visit, make sure to fully go through all the information below. There are still more details to come.

NECRONOMIDOL has been invited as very special guests to the annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, which is to be held in Portland, Oregon, the first weekend in October (October 5-7). NECRONOMIDOL is scheduled to appear at the following dates/times at the Film Festival:

  • Friday, October 5th: A special mini-live performance will be held at the festival at 7PM.
  • Saturday, October 6th: Full Performance set. Starts at 7PM
  • Sunday, October 7th: NECRONOMIDOL will be doing a guest meet and greet for all Festival VIP ticket holders . *explanation below

Additionally, NECRONOMIDOL will be guests on discussion panels throughout the event. Ricky Wilson, NECRONOMIDOL’s manager, will also be doing guest appearances and speaking appearances. Times/Topics TBD.

Buppan/merchandise sales will also be sold throughout the festival. NECRONOMIDOL will have their own merchandise table set up at the festival.

There will be cheki events for all Festival ticket holders throughout the weekend. Details to come.

For more information about the HP Lovecraft Film Festival this year, please visit their website directly at:

If that wasn’t enough for you, NECRONOMIDOL is also going to be performing a very special solo show, Friday, October 5th, right after their mini-live at the film festival. The performance will take place at Portland’s legendary LOVECRAFT BAR (how fitting is that?). Tickets are general admission only. Normal buppan/cheki will be offered at the performance. Ticket link is below (also, check out event page as well).

To purchase tickets for the LOVECRAFT BAR show, please use this ticket link: Lovecraft Bar NECRONOMIDOL Event

*The VIP meet and greet for H.P. Lovecraft VIP ticket holders will be an informal sit down with the group. There will be no cheki at the meet and greet event. Time will be announced later.

All the important links:

H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Website

Lovecraft Bar Website


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