Praise to the Great Old Ones for bestowing upon a mere mortal this chance to let the dulcet tones of the great NECRONOMIDOL grace my eardrums. Let me have the strength to finish this impression before the shadowed hordes of the deep come for me.

Now that I am done being overly dramatic, I will just start off by saying that when this first arrived I was only able to give it a passing listen as I was pressed for time. Even with that brief sampling of each track I could tell this is a really good album, great in fact. I will try to do justice to this album in this impression, as actual reviews are not something I really do. I will just give a quick blurb on each song. I really want to just give you a quick run down and let you experience the album for yourself.

First I want to say a word about the jacket art. It is once again by the great Suehiro Maruo and it is quite an interesting piece of art to say the least. He is a very talented artist and I think his style fits perfectly with Necroma.

Now on to the songs….

DAWNSLAYER – I have been told that this is the version that was meant to be. All new vocals, slightly up pitched guitars with re-recorded vocals that sit more on top while the drums are less pronounced and you can really hear the synth. All together the song feels more complete. Not that I am saying the single release was bad, this version just feels right.

thanatogenesis – Hyper paced drums, death metal style guitars and a slow paced vocal track, you can surely tell the music was written by Kei Toriki. The way the voices layer over the music is haunting in its opposition. The harmonies are outstanding, as usual.  A  fantastic track.

IN BLACK – This track is certainly one for the fans of Necroma’s more electronic music. A very creepy beginning, that kicks into a more upbeat chorus switches back to creepy, do that a couple more times, magic. You can almost feel the lyrical content, which is in itself not the happiest story. The interspersed spoken parts really add to the song as well.

SAMHAIN – If there was ever a song themed for a season, this is it. Just the thing to put on for your end of October celebration, whatever it my be. With guitars that sound like giant insects buzzing and an up tempo beat, right off the bat it pretty much tells you it is time to celebrate. Well, celebrate in a NECRONOMIDOL sort of way.

“Let it all go down in flames”

INNSMOUTH – Starting off with an ominous synth line, the song continues with an eerie musical tone. The girl’s light floating voices give us the lyrical content that pretty much embraces the story of the original Lovecraft offering, The Shadow over Innsmouth.

psychopomp – This is a new version of this song. To me it felt a lot more layered than the original recording, more emotional. The beginning is now very haunting. Slightly more pronounced vocals that are again, all re-recorded with the current line-up. The girls really show their chops on this one.

STRANGE AEONS – You expect a single to make it onto the next album, but not like this. A full remake, punched up in every way you can imagine. If you liked the original you are going to love this. Heed the call of infinite Darkness indeed…..

les tenebres sans visage – I guess you would call this a NECRONOMIDOL love song, if that is a thing. A pounding bass line with idol rock styled guitar lines over the top make for a very enjoyable song. I can only assume that this song will get the crowd jumping when employed in a live set. Oh, the vocals are excellent on this track.

KADATH – If you break this one down to its basics it really wants to be a heavy metal song, but it is so much more. I love the guitar tone on this track and the synth is sitting right in the middle. The bass line really adds to the atmosphere and quick paced vocals with some Gregorian styled chants really come together in one great package.

SKULLS IN THE STARS – The classic is back, but it feels brand new. I am sure a few of you have seen the group in concert or the music video but how many have seen them with a live backing band? This is the full band arrangement. Again, full re-recorded vocals from he current line-up. Allow me one pun here: This song is stellar.

In all honesty I don’t think this impression does this album justice, you will have to hear it for yourself. I guarantee, if you are a fan of idol, underground or otherwise, you will not be disappointed. The production is superb, nothing muddy or lost that I could tell. Musically and vocally the performances are top notch. This may be my favorite NECRONOMIDOL album yet. Yes, I think it is that good.

Official Website:

Don’t miss their upcoming appearance at the H.P. Lovecraft Film festival.

Or on their east coast dates (Nov. 7th – 11th).

If you want to order it you can wait until it is available on the group’s bandcamp, and support the group in the best way possible.

Or if you just cannot wait a mere couple days for it to go up you can pre-order it and get yourself a sweet exclusive photo from CDJapan.


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