That Is New To Me: Dim Black

It is always exciting to see new groups forming, you are always trying to figure out what they are going to turn out like. This new group is no exception. Lets have a quick peek at Dim Black.

Dim Black, out of Osaka, bill themselves as loud idol rock. Now I know we have all heard about a hundred idol rock groups in our time, but you always have to hope that maybe this time the group will put a new twist on things. In Dim Black we have a four girl unit with what appears to be a touch of sick aesthetic tossed in for good measure, at least judging by the red under eye makeup on a couple of them. They are being produced by Dream Door, a production house I have not heard of so this might be their first group.

They are going to debut on January 18th with a free one-man live at 西天満MOERADO

Here are the members:





Will this group be different from all the other idol rock units out there? All clean vocals or a mix of clean and harsh? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

No official website yet.


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