That Is New To Me: SKIRMISH

This one just kind of fell into my lap today. One of the members said something to the effect of: If it wasn’t for Anna Fujishiro (of CY8ER) I wouldn’t be an idol. Let’s have a peek at this group called SKIRMISH.

Here is that tweet I mentioned.

First off, they seem to be a standard idol-rock unit made up of five girls. The production all around seems to be pretty good for a new unit though. I wonder if this a secret project of somebody’s? We will probably never find out. Anyway, as is standard I will just give you links to the members Twitter accounts and a photo of each. Plus this time there is an MV as well, down at the bottom.

Here are the members.






It looks like they will debut on November 17th at 渋谷VUENOS. Not a bad lineup for your first live. I am sure a few of you can pick out some familiar faces.

Oh, here is that MV.

No official website yet.

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