EMPiRE Announce New Single

So, who is ready for a new release from everyone’s favorite WACK cassette only group? I certainly am, especially since I am crazy for cassettes at the moment. Lets see what is on offer.

This is a pretty new announcement so this is all the information I have at the moment. Looks like it will come in only two editions, super huge deluxe and cassette only.

Here is the announcement tweet with some footage from the 2018.09.09 “S.O.S〜君とアレがしたい日〜”ミニアルバム competition.

EMPiRE – ピアス

Release date: February 27th, 2019
Price: ¥6,800 (+tax) [CD+Blu-ray and Photobook], ¥1,000 (+tax) [cassette only]

Track list [cassette, both verions]

  1. ピアス
  2. タイトル未定

Tracklist Blu-ray

-2018.09.04 at Mynavi BLITZ AKASAKA NEXT EDiTiON TOUR FiNAL [Alos includes member comentary]

  1. Buttocks beat! beat!
  2. SO i YA
  4. EMPiRE is COMiNG
  5. S.O.S
  6. デッドバディ
  7. Dope
  8. Don’t tell me why
  9. Talk about
  10. LiTTLE BOY
  11. MAD LOVE
  12. コノ世界ノ片隅デ
  13. Black to the dreamlight
  14. アカルイミライ
  16. EMPiRE originals
  17. Buttocks beat! beat!
  18. Buttocks beat! beat!
  19. Buttocks beat! beat!
  20. Buttocks beat! beat!
  21. Buttocks beat! beat!

2018.09.09 “S.O.S〜君とアレがしたい日〜”ミニアルバム「EMPiRE originals」

-Music Video
-Making Movie


So, there you have it. No album art, shoot I don’t even have links for you to go pre-order it yet.

Official Website: https://empire-official.com/



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