That Is New To Me: 15GERMS

It is time again to be introduced to a new idol group. Everyone seems to be fans of these types of posts so I will keep making them as they come along. This group was brought to my attention by podcast co-host Terry. Lets see if we can find out anything about 15GERMS

I was pretty excited to hear about this one as it has a past member of one of my favorite idols groups ever, NECRONOMIDOL. Those with a sharp eye will probably be able to pick her out.

15GERMS is set to debut on January 5th, 2019, but seem to have something, probably a meet and greet scheduled for January 1st. They seem to be geared more to the electronic side of the musical spectrum if their sample is anything to go by. I will post it a bit further below. First let’s see who is in this new four girl unit.





Of course each girl has better photos on their respective Twitter accounts if you want to see them a bit better. There is also a tiny bit (though not much) of information on each as well. Anyhow, here is the sample I spoke of.

So, if that is your style of music, happy days. If not, still give it a try after they debut, you never know.

As of now they have no website.

If you were still wondering which one was referring to earlier as being in Necroma, it is the second girl Ruu.

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