That Is New To Me: もしこの世界が明晰夢なら。

Do you all remember Boh from mistress? Well it looks like she is now vocalist in a band. Yes, I know it is not strictly idol, but they call themselves an idol band. If Band Ja Naimon! can do it, right? Anyway, lets see about this new band.

From what I can tell もしこの世界が明晰夢なら。started out as a four girl band back in May 2018. Played some shows, then lost their vocalist for a reason I could not find. Hard to be a band without a vocalist. It also looks like the original line-up used a drum machine. Well, now they have a couple new members. I will just pop them in the article here and you can go check them out.


ちさぴ [gt.]


くるみん [gt.]


おと [ba.]


亡太郎 [vo.]


MIZukl [dr.]

Looks like Boh will be in action soon as their next live in on December 19th @新宿clubSCIENCE entitled「その男、主催につきvol.8」

I was only able to find to find one song from them, and it features the first vocalist, but it will give you a taste of what they are like. That is unless they have completely changed their sound.

Here are links to relevant sites.

No website yet.


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