BiS.LEAGUE Certainly Is A Crazy Thing

So tonight was the BiS “I don’t know what will happen TOUR FiNAL @ZEPP TOKYO” and the final results of the BiS.LEAGUE voting. Let me tell you, the show was great, what happened after, well……..

To start off with the show opened with Uchida Shurin singing a solo song. I am not entirely sure why, but it was a pretty good song. The Watanabe came on and introduced the show and then off to the races.

BiS 2nd performed first followed by BiS 1st. They both did the same set which included these songs.

  1. Give me your love全部
  2. nerve
  3. My Ixxx
  4. primal.
  5. BiSBiS
  7. gives
  8. SOCiALiSM
  9. I can’t say NO!!!!!!!
  11. Don’t miss it!!
  12. アゲンストザペイン

After the performances Watanabe came out with a sidekick and called out all the girls. The final votes were announced and were thus:

10. 3223 vote – Toriaez Hana

9. 4374 votes – Muropanako

8. 4630 votes – YUiNA EMPiRE

7.  4876 votes – Nel Nehru

6. 6044 votes – Mewclub

5. 7943 votes – Pan Luna Leafy

4. 8319 votes – Peri UBU

3. 8350 votes – Kika Front Frontale

2. 8540 votes – Aya Eightprince

1. 8727 votes – Go Zeela

Now from what I understand after all this Watanabe tossed a wrench in the whole thing, as he does. He announced that BiS would continue as two groups, the top four as 1st and remaining six girls as 2nd, as it has been from the start. This will continue until March. Then called out Toriaez Hana, Muropanoko, YUiNA EMPiRE, Nel Nehru and Aya Eightprince. This of course caused a wave of confusion through the crowd. He then said that there would be a single released in March done by all 10 girls and would decided what to do with the five he called out after that. He also announced the BiS.LEAGUE was to be abolished in March when the single is released.

It is always a wild time at these types of WACK events, you just never know what will happen.

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