Maison book girl Announce New Single

I like me some Maison book girl so I am always keeping an eye on their Twitter for news. Maison book girl announced their new single today along with tour to promote it. Lets see what is in store for us.

Firstly, this release will come in two versions, a standard CD only and a one with a pack-in Blu-ray.

Maison book girl – SOUP

Release: April 3rd, 2019
Price: ¥1300 (tax in) CD only, ¥4000 (tax in) Blu-ray version

Track list (both versions)

  1. 鯨工場 (temporay title)
  2. 長い夜が明けて (temporay title)
  3. untitled song
  4. 鯨工場 (temporay title) (instrumental)
  5. 長い夜が明けて (temporay title) (instrumental)
  6. untitled song (instrumental)

Track list Blu-ray

  • 2018年12月16日開催「Solitude HOTEL 6F yume」@ヒューリックホール東京の模様を全編収録。

There is no jacket art yet.

Here is a list of in-store performances for the release for anyone that might be in Japan.

2019-03-17 (13:00) 福岡県 HMV&BOOKS HAKATA

2019-03-17 (17:00) Tower Records 福岡パルコ

2019-03-23 (13:00) Tower Records 梅田NU茶屋町

2019-03-23 (19:00) Tower Records 難波

2019-03-31 (13:00) 愛知県 近鉄パッセ屋上

2019-03-31 (17:00) 愛知県 HMV栄

2019-04-06 In Tokyo, to be determined

2019-04-07 In Tokyo, to be determined

Also announced was their 2019 spring tour

2019-03-16 福岡県 DRUM SON
2019-03-24 大阪府 BananaHall
2019-03-30 愛知県 ell.FITS ALL

Tour final「Solitude HOTEL 7F」

2019-04-14 東京都 昭和女子大学人見記念講堂

Official Website:

pre-order the CD

Maison book girl – SOUP [CD+Blu-ray]

Maison book girl – SOUP [CD only]

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