That Is New To Me: 地獄まで30センチ

New groups popping up all over the place these days it seems. Lets just pull one out of the heap and see what we have here. Big thanks to Terry for reminding me of this group. How about a little peek at 地獄まで30センチ. There might even be some music to listen too.

So we will just do this in the standard fashion you are all used too by now. Photos, links and extra stuff at the end.

The group seems to be reformed from another group, it is a bit hard to tell from there Twitter but I think this current group had their debut on March 3rd, 2019.

Here are the members




橘 ツカサ









The music is pretty good as well. I certainly wouldn’t turn it off.

They seem to be pretty active and have a good number of show scheduled in the future. If you happen to be in Japan perhaps give them a look.

At the moment they do not seem to have a website.

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