That Is New To Me: MOBIUS

I think everyone loves the anticipation that comes with new groups. I know I surely do and this group look pretty promising. Good old Terry is getting to be quite the sleuth and came up with this group today. Lets get a quick peek at MOBIUS.

So you all know how this works, I just give you the very basic information and you get to do the rest. I suppose I will first mention that this group shares the same creative director as Herosyn, Nue, and 妄愛グラビティ (another new group, but a bit more trad), so if you like those groups then this might possibly be up your alley.

Here are the members.







By the sounds of it they will be another idolrock unit. I assume this to be true if they sounds anything like the introduction video music.

They will be making their debut on April 1st, 2019 at 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM. If will be in Japan at the time here are the details.

No official website at this time.


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